Raised in our home by world renowned dog behaviorists and US #1 breeder/trainer. Are you local to me? GSD genetics in practice, conformation, temperament This philosophy is reflected in the way the SV operates too. Hohenburg puppies: World Championship competitors, UK National Championships, German National Championships, Spanish National Championships and UK Police Forces. our own lines with only the best bloodlines available. I have waiting liste, but paid reservations have preference. Mammoth Valley Working Dogs Home. Most often, my litters are all sold and none available. One in Surprise ( Phoenix) Arizona and the other in Puerto Rico (details are below). There is Live Streaming Video on ALL litters after they are born until I release them at 8 weeks of age. Reserve your puppy from an upcoming litter, Browse dogs we have available for adoption. By this immoral behavior REMCO LUNDIG lost his moral credibitity if he ever had any and he neither represents JINOPO nor has ever been biggest friend of JIRI NOVOTNY and JINOPO which he uses as Apart from this A'BRUNO received R CACT title.Contratulations! We now have a wonderful Kennel Club Registered confident and willing girl. Elektra Weerdon - breed survey website by: Jiri also titled more than 300 working titles and participated in the Nationals of Czech Republic with seven dogs. us one of the top German Shepherd working dog breeders in the United States of America. Myself And A Puppy Close UpMyself And A Puppy Close Up. Over 30 years of experience. This is a great success for our team. We are a small breeding program for quality working line German Shepherds. Born on my mothers birthday, May 1st. Can you send information on reservation and price please ? Check currently available puppies or join our mailing list to learn about the newest litters of the best DDR and Czech working line German Shepherd puppies available in and around Virginia. Call 845-283-3229 for information on my upcoming planned litters before you reserve your puppy. 1. We are proudly American Kennel Club Inspected. Malley was born in the Czech Republic. Our German Shepherds are beautiful in the show ring, and exciting on the Schutzhund Field - but our real pride comes from producing HEALTHY companions to be your best friend, a treasured family member and a guardian of your home and family. work with other reputable kennels overseas. To accomplish our mission we only breed the dogs with the best temperament, dark . We maintain very close ties to top notch breeders in Europe which allows us to supplement They can handle incredibly long working hours in abject conditions while managing to stay perky and motivated. Malley and her August 16, 2019 Litter 2 days old (Sold), Barn Kennel Inside or Barn Kennel Outside Live Streaming Video MWCam 2, Barn Kennel Inside or Barn Kennel Outside Live Streaming Video MWCam 3, ____________________________________________________________________, Malley Cody, (Puppy #1 from Mallry and Codys January 15, 2019 Litter). LOL I do a lot with my puppies, and you get to see it all. AlpineK9's owner Hans in Surprise AZ, USA put together with Jiri Novotny of Jinopo seminar on genetics and on history of genetics of Our dogs are very much involved in the daily life on our farm and therefore are used as herding dogs and protection dogs for the farm, the house and the family. We were able to talk to her about her dogs and find out which litter would be the best for our family. Puppies are Streaming on Live Video After the Puppies are Born, ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. Our dogs are titled in IPO (tracking, obedience, and protection) all our dogs are hip & Elbow scored, Copyright 2023 europeangermanshepherds.com. They breed high quality Schutzhund dogs perfect for work and play. A German Shepherd dog working line breeding kennel and training kennel for Schutzhund/IPO This allows her to learn that what we "see" as the outward behavior and how it begins on a cellular level in brain. Daughter of Taya vom Weinbergblick and Tyson Eqidius. Enjoy weekly updates and videos of our amazing dogs. |. Check back for any available puppies from her Fall Breeding. Lori Kaufman kx. competition, and Personal Protection facility. Our Dogs Our Dogs Ekvador Malabig View All Kenya View All Trinity View All Wiwa Team Carrera View All Uma View All Customer Reviews We specialize in European working line German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois & Dutch Shepherds. They often have heavier set bodies and darker coats than American German Sherpherds. In total there were 47 dogs and handlers. (I will not know if any of her puppies will be available until after she has them, I have some reservations in on her puppies). Many of our dogs end up in sport homes or Law Enforcement but they also make excellent family companions. FANT was the younges dog that took part in the competition. I highly suggest to anyone to attend the next one.. if you possibly can. Our German Shepherds are all from working backgrounds, which produces the qualities needed for family companions who will protect when called upon in real life situations. !QUALIFICATION WUSV 2014 1st place CACT(97,97,98), Master of Czech Republic age 25 monthsBH (60)IPO1 (100,92,100)IPO2 (97,99,100)IPO3 (99,99,99), Checkers Working Schutzhund YouTube Video, ___________________________________________________________________________, ______________________________________________________________________________, *******************************************************, Malley had 3 males and 2 females. Marinita German Shepherds Kennel. The illegal use of Jipo-Me kennel name is to confuse and deceive all customers and friends of JINOPO. They have nice body structure suitable to perform a working function. I suffer from ptsd and tbi. Our beautiful Mama! We are only a short 66 miles from Philadelphia and 44 miles from Harrisburg. z Pohranicni straze history, genetics and selection tests for breeding. In the cathegory of tracking they won 1st place with 97 points. Please be patient while I try and get this web site back in user friendly condition, ***********************************************, ____________________________________________________________________________, ********************************************************************, __________________________________________________________________________, (Note that my females will only be bred as long as they are healthy after their previous litter. Our breeding stock is hand-selected and tested for the highest standards of the breed. Ox Nokafi - ZVV1, BH-VT , breed survey Daughter of Taya vom Weinbergblick and Tyson Eqidius. 3. Follow my web site for updated breeding information. People we have worked with, learnt from, trained with and/or influenced us greatly, top trainers, world champions, treasured mentors, friends, judges and especially top breeders thank you! 14783 West Grand Avenue, Surprise, Arizona, USA 85374. Audrey is not just your average dog trainer. There will be Q&A session. FANT z Jirkova dvora placed 2nd in ZVV1 cathegory and Call 845-283-3229for information on my upcoming litters. Below are 2 videos of one of my May 13, 2021 litter puppies meeting his new owner for the first time. Happy Clients Picking Up Their New Puppies.. If youre considering a Vom Banach K9, a DDR/Czech or West German working dog, or any other working line breed, we ask that you consider these questions as part of your deliberation. ***5 x Team GB Competitor at World Championships***, We named our Working German Shepherd kennel Hohenburg after the site in Cambridge, England the originally settlement, north of the river Cam. World-Class German Shepherd Training & Facility From the day they're born to the day they leave our property, our German Shepherds are treated with the utmost care, attention, and respect. (United States) +1.253.843.1123 PST. There might be many more JIPO-ME dogs with Romanian pedigrees out there so be aware that these are not dogs bred by JINOPO. Eichenluft kennels, breeders of quality German Shepherds. She is the Mother of Zarah and Zyka (still alive and here on my farm) the Grandmother of Zena (retired from breeding and currently a companion dog), and the Great Grandmother of my females Berit, Ruby and FeeBee (breeding females). Thanks Again, ~Mandy Wood, Richard Buxton and Kimi (Kenynten Little Twister), European German Shepherd, strive to breed some of the best European bloodlines from Germany. They are also our family pets. Every year Jiri judges hundreds of males and females GSDs in shows and breed surveys. We strive to breed that special puppy that will go on to be successful in Schutzhund/IPO, Do you have small children, infants or other animals in your home currently and if not do you plan to in the future? Incredibly Loyal and Well Behaved Dogs . Meet FeeBee (photo above left), she is my stunning black female I kept from my Zena Cody June 2019 litter. We aim to breed puppies that are physically healthy, genetically stable environmentally, social in everyday life, and also have a superb working ability. Do you plan to spay or neuter your puppy when he or she is old enough? We recommend La Cima From 1988 until today, he has been a breed survey judge of the German shepherd dog. 8 weeks old, and time for their new homes! Alabama German Shepherds,German Shepherd puppies from European working lines, German Shepherd dogs,competed at WUSV, BSP,Kumpel aus dem Furstentum Lippe,Bollo von Skandinavika, IPO, working line German Shepherds, work German Shepherds,Alabama German Shepherd puppies We also offer 4 generation pedigree for foreign buyer and allpuppies are health checked, vaccinated and micro- chipped before leaving the litter at 8 weeks of age. Paid reservations have preference. The working line of the West German shepherd and the East German shepherd both exhibit strong prey, retrieving, and herding drives. She is always available for question and helpful tips! Our Kennel Zwinger vom Vogelbergblick is well known and respected in Germany. Landschaft German Shepherds are mentally sound, intelligent dogs. thousands of dogs for Czechoslovak police and border patrol which were bred under the protected name z Pohranicni straze. This web page requires a JavaScript enabled browser. Ami, we spoke, and you have sent in the paid reservation, thank you, now we wait. I asked her questions constantly throughout the training process and she was always quick to respond and her advice was good.". Do you understand the commitment required to adequately socialize your puppy so that he/she will grow up to be a well mannered well trained dog? We are the exclusive importer 2010 Czech Kennel Club (CKNO) organized Czech national Sieger Show in Policka, CZ. Finest quality German Shepherd Dogs since 1984. They learn so fast and are so willing. This litter she didnt lose any weight and is very fit. Zena with her working vest on and Cody the father of this litter. (scroll down the page a bit to see photos of Berits November 2019 litter puppies at 8 weeks old with their new owners.). We can keep puppies longer and start their training if special importation rules are required from the buyer's country. My pack of German Shepherds ( video above) eating off my spoon ONLY when I call Their name. Vom Haus Schutz German Shepherd K9 - Czech/German working line German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for sale. Its to much to type lol, Right now I have a litter that was just born on the 25th of April, but there arent any available. Our Kennel Zwinger vom Vogelbergblick A vom Vogelbergblick German Shepherd dog or puppy will always be recognizable by We are more than happy to answer all of your questions and put our expertise to work for you in your search for your new German Shepherd. In 1989, he acted as chairman of ZKO Melnik Rousovice. All our puppies are; Black Or Sable The dogs have working ability, strong drive, focus, balance, & very strong nose. If you've found a working line dog for any less, you must be suspicious of the bloodline purity and breeding practices. She immediately responded to us with a lengthy informative email which made us feel very confident in choosing her as our breeder. (photo below). to View lots of photos and videos of my dogs and puppies. Contact. Thank you so much! We also offer import services for Top German Shepherd Showline puppies and dogs. RAISING 100% EUROPEAN WORKING LINES! Our Kennel Zwinger vom Vogelbergblick In the above video, I am teaching all the dogs and young puppies to sit and take their treat, in a group, ONLY when I call THEIR name. 2007. - competed at Czech Republic IGP3 Nationals at Ceska Trebova Our puppies are active, inquisitive and have strong personalities. German Shepherds have working lines and show lines, totaling five different types. DASK z Jirkova dvora that is currenly used in our breeding program of JINOPO. Favo is the father of this litter. Check back for another beautiful litter. QUALIFICATION WUSV 2014 1st place CACT(97,97,98), Master of Czech Republic age 25 months. Palpation pressure showed puppys and ultrasound showed many fetus. We produce CKC registered German Shepherd puppies from imported European bloodlines. We met our Kobe after a few months and left him for turn key puppy training. Youngtown, AZ 85363 This litter was born on their due date November 5, 2018. We specialize in Czech, Slovak, and West German working bloodlines, with our first litter being born in 2010. The weekly updates were truly exciting for us and our family. For even more detailed information and expert assistance in picking the right GSD for you and your family, simply contact the German Shepherd experts at Vom Ragnar German Shepherds at 773-552-0808 . I am breeding another female in June, Malley with Cody again. Our dogs and puppies are exclusively available through A1K9 in those countries. We are located in beautiful south eastern Pennsylvania at the foot of the Blue Mountains, a land dotted with fields and woodland. There is NO mistake that my dogs are smart and they have manners because these are 6 different dogs from the video below. Superb temperament German Shepherd puppies for loyal family companionship and family and personal protection. Jura Plavsk re - showed very good in Junior class FANT z Jirkova dvora with Alice Nelibova were one of them. - 12. 2. ALL DOGS ARE HEALTH TESTED BEFORE BREEDING. To breed Working German Shepherd lines its not easy, this selection its based to temperament, stress, resistance, lot of working tim and maximum concentration. To accomplish these goals we use proven ways of breeding and the basic method is to carry out breeding selection of German Shepherds New Dogs for sale! We are accepting applications at this time from people who are interested in a dog from our program. Narnia Kennels is a Canadian kennel specializing in working German Shepherds, with sound bodies and stable temperaments. Reservations came in VERY fast on Malleys litter. 2.30 Stonecreek Kennels. My puppies and dogs have been home tonationalandinternational competitors in IGP/IPO/Schutzhund in the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Italy; including FCI World Competitors and WUSV (World Championship) participants. Quality Working German Shepherd Dogs. Get in touch with us today to get answers to your questions. They will be very smart and sell very fast! They're ideal if you're planning to train a dog for search and rescue, protection, or guarding. Contact Us for Details on Our 2023 Puppies! -30th place at CKNO INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP at Suchdol nad Odrou Breeder, Importer and Trainer of world class working German Shepherds from the finest bloodlines in the world. We've had our puppy for five weeks now and we are so pleased with how healthy and intelligent she is turning out to be. Our stud dog Hohenburg Ethan has successfully mated with a brood bitch from Surrey & Sussex Police. My family and I just recently had to put our beloved dog to sleep. Von der Otto German Shepherds. They have to have patience until they hear their name called. . We only breed the healthiest of dogs to ensure that the pups don't inherit any health issues. Our working line German Shepherd Dogs are in high demand. 17/11/2012 Our first A-litter was born from Quasimodo vom Rosseleck & Taiga vom Waldwinkel. http://travel.yahoo.com/p-hotel-353440-ihp_hotel_parador_el_faro-i, Let's LEARN and have FUN!!!!!! ), Hohenburg Ethan Stud with Metropolitan Police. Everybody is encouraged to bring their Dogs and Pedigrees for Evaluation by Hans and Jiri Novotny. All their drives are build in with natural alerts, protection, loyalty and HIGH BALL Drives! All dogs that we source are from proven bloodlines and their health and temperament have been meticulously assessed before becoming part of our breeding program. Mary, Hi Mary, Schnheit German Shepherds. Our German Shepherd dogs are either imported or strictly from European and German Starting out as a jockey, Ms. Anita, the owner, suffered an unfortunate injury while competing in 1990. with success are using their tracking K9s for apprehensions. Nya z Jirkova dvora -ZVV1, breed survey Zena has delivered 11 healthy puppies! We are the, importer Jaika z Jirkova dvora -ZVV1, breed survey is a world class German Shepherd breeding Kennel with a big reputation! We socialize all our dogs with household noises, children and other activities to make them well adjusted. Photos and videos are copy write protected Powered by Premium Photography WordPress Theme. I breed and raise the litters, Training for PTSD is working with you and your puppy for months. May 8 2018 FANT z Jirkova dvora and CADET z Jirkova dvora competed at GSD club competition with their handler Alice Nelibova. If you are looking for well bred German Shepherd puppies with solid nerves, balanced temperaments and dispositions with Czech European blood lines, you have come to the right place! Exceptional temperament. We found our Kennel Club Registered Breeder Karen Yates online who had puppies due within a couple of weeks. Pups are thriving in their new homes and my clients are so happy! Watch for updates on my upcoming litters. For over a decade now we have been breeding, training, and importing the Working Line German Shepherd. their superior health. We bought our first German Shepherd in 1993 and have continued to love these beautiful dogs ever since. If you are interested in her future 2019 August Litter, fill out a reservation. There may be available puppies, have to wait and see what she has. Will your puppy be raised inside of your home as a part of your family? 2016 Universal Siegerin and alternate on the 2016 WUSV World Championship Team. Any kennel claiming to have an association with Jinopo or the former Pohranicni Straze breeding program is being dishonest. Berit had her puppies on August 19, 2021. The ways of selecting stud dogs and females for the z PS breeding program Our German Shepherd Dogs have stable, outgoing temperaments. He is the son of Cecylia and Ian von der Ranch $71.99 (Starts at) Dogs OK in some rooms. For ten years, he directed the breeding of dogs for the department of Ministry of the Interior security where he generated and perfected and supervised the breeding program of I will post and update my pages as my information changes. You will find our breeding studs and females to be titled to a minimum working qualification (IGP), and health tested to meet relevant hip/elbow requirements. Cost : $200. Team Captain for Great Britain World Championships FCI Germany 2017. Czech german shepherds are bigger than a standard shepherd, You can expect an average male to get up to 60 - 80 lbs. (623) 933-8211, Seminar #2 2014, WUSV World Championship competitor in 2012 and 2014, and member of team USA She has 4 males and 2 females. Please call (407) 553-3621 for more information. Van Haitsma Farm specializes in and is committed to providing quality, European champion-pedigreed German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY AMERICAN OR SHOW LINES IN OUR PEDIGREES! The 2012 seminar will be again three day seminars. Haus Amberg Shepherds is a family-based kennel that breeds for the love and preservation of the German shepherd dog (GSD). 4. Great genetics make for a confident well rounded puppy that is suitable for companion, sport, IPO, or police K9. This dog is owned by Remco Lundig and is used for breeding at Ve Zlabkach Kennel. Team Captain for Great Britain World Championships WUSV Universal Sieger Belgium 2018. Reserve your puppy early, my litters sell very fast on my upcoming litters. German Shepherds make excellent protections . Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Surprise Arizona:February 17th, 18th and 19th, we are also going to offer a POLICE K9 tracking seminar conducted by, Sergeant Paul Corso and Jason Cotton tracking experts from Gwinnett co GA Sheriff department who consistently. Favos father is a titled Schutzhund Working Dog. . Noel, Hans, Getting a young puppy who already knew sit, down, crate, and to ring the bells to go outside was invaluable. Generally, they possess balanced drives and good nerve. Her passion stems from the dog's . Our Clients Talk about Their Vom Banach K9s. They truly breed the best German Shepherds. Real JIPO-ME dogs always have Czech pedigree. Debut Shepherds is owned by partners Lane Williams and Ashley Allstun. Since 1970, he has been elected and appointed into numerous functions. Iamdedicated to breed quality, healthy German Shepherd dogs and answer any questions you may have. These 6 dogs are my current breeding dogs and all them will wait until I call their name before they take the piece of chicken. We wish our F-litter all the best & lots of fun! 1. The influence of outside environment on the formation of the temperament of service dog. competition, and Personal Protection facility. We offer show and working dogs, as well as family pets and service dogs from high-quality German bloodlines. European working lines. The newest addition to the kennel. It is a commitment. My German Shepherd is a European show line (as opposed to the American show line . DAREK z Jirkova dvora in ownership of famous musician and frontman Keith Flint of PRODIGY band (Breathe, Firestarter, Smack my B**** Up) in the UK.DAREK has the same parents (CARLY Policia Slovakia and BRITA z Ajkinej nadeje) as our stud dog Do you know the difference between the temperaments and character of a Working Line German Shepherd Dog over a show line or an American bred German Shepherd? Instead, it is a GSD bred from European lines to fit with European kennel club standards. Czech Shepherd German Working Lines These dogs were a result of the communist reign in Czechoslovakia, where they were made to patrol the borders. ALL BIOS. My litters are reserved before they are born and this upcoming litter has 3 paid reservations in already. Granule z Jirkova dvora owned by Czech Republic Police forces has achieved the following results in 2015: Rochester, WA 98578 | 360-623-0898 | Website & SEO by WebTek | Sitemap | Privacy Policy, "BEST GERMAN SHEPHERD BREEDER IN AMERICA. ALL OF OUR GSDS ARE ALSO TEMPERAMENT TESTED & DO WORK! You may view the litter on the cams below 24/7 (Unless my signal goes out) : Your email address will not be published. Audrey will support you all of the way. He purchased his first dog, Hektor Linksrhein, in 1899 and changed his name to Horand von Grafrath. Look for her puppies in late 2019 and early2020.. Zena delivered 6 beautiful puppies on November 5, 2018. Tel: 1-623-537-9122 Fax: 1-623-537-9123 My dogs are working lines, and great in any direction you decide to train them in. years in directing a Czech German Shepherd Club! available purebred German Shepherd puppies. Do you train your pups for things of this nature, Good Morning Dan, First of all, Thank you for your Services. Working line and German show line, Working Line and German Show Line Puppies for sale, German Shepherd Breeder PA, Member of USA, SV &. Our upcoming competition male Hohenburg Gon has been health tested (hip, elbow x-ray & DNA tested). Trained German Shepherds for K9 sports, law . Frequently Asked Questions. "The breeding of shepherd dogs is the breeding of working dogs; and this must always be the aim, or we shall cease to produce shepherd dogs." Your pet is a member of your family and deserves the best! in mind. I love my dogs theyre so smart. In this group are: Malley (my Czech Import Female), Favo (my black stud dog), Berit (Pregnant, Pups born 8/19/2021), Cody ( my Bi-Color stud dog), FeeBee (will be bred August 2021) and Ruby (Ruby had her litter July 11th SOLD). Gazella z Jirkova dvora - lifetime breed survey Our breeding goals focus on drives, health, and temperament while maintaining breed standards. Favo is the father of this litter. Wendelin Kennelships puppies within Canada and the US and everywhere in the world if it is possible.