Be Canary School gives you the opportunity to live where many people plan to have their holidays in order to make you study trip memorable. We offer the following options at the moment:

Gran Canaria is perfect to learn Spanish

Live with a teacher: A private room and a shared toilet in the house of one of our teachers. This option it’s the perfect way to keep training your Spanish after your lesson finishes. Living with the teacher does not include breakfast or meals, but you will have a full kitchen at your disposal to try Spanish recipes!

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Accommodation Terms and Conditions

The accommodation week starts at 14:00 on the Sunday prior to the beginning of the course and ends at 12:00 on the Saturday after the course is finished.
Students who need extra nights must book them in advance.
Students must notify Be Canary School if they want to share a room with someone who will not attend any of our courses. Guests will be able to stay after transferring the accommodation fare for the desired dates.
The room will be given clean and will have clean linen and towels on arrival. Students are responsible for keeping the room clean and tidy during their stay.
Shared rooms are only for two people traveling together.

So called Venice of Gran Canaria - small, adorable town of Puerto de Mogán