Summer is here!

Summer is here!

Last 21st of June summer arrived in Spain and we can officially enjoy it until 21st of September.

The summer heat lets people do outdoor activities so it is a great time to have fun and enjoy. In the summer the temperatures are higher and the days are longer. In general, children and adults have holidays in the summer, that’s why the summer is the favourite season for a lot of people because they can rest and enjoy their well deserved holidays.

We all know that in the Canary Islands we have good weather all year, but specially in the summer. With the summer arrive many parties too, like concerts, “romerías”, festivals, etc. All kind of events are made outdoors to enjoy the good weather of the summer.

Here you have some tips to make the most of the summer months if you have the opportunity to be in Gran Canaria:

Go to the beach: going to the beach is definitely a fun activity that allows you to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea. In Maspalomas we have nice beaches such as Playa del Inglés, Meloneras, San Agustín, etc. If you don’t like to go to the beach you can go to a swimming pool, you don’t have any excuse to not take a bath.

Do sport: If you like sports Gran Canaria is a perfect place to practice them. Here we do a lot of outdoor sports like golf, tennis, football, scuba diving, hiking etc. We strongly recommend you to do sports like surf, windsurf, kite surf… because in some beaches of Gran Canaria it’s very windy, therefore they are perfect to enjoy this type of sports.

Protect yourself from the sun: If you want to enjoy the summer without problems sun protection is very important. We recommend you to wear a cap or something like it to protect your head from the sun. You should always carry a bottle of cold water, and specially you must use sunscreen during the day. In addition, we suggest you not to be under the sun between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. because this is the hottest time of the day.

If you don’t like sports or the beach, you could also enjoy other activities in Gran Canaria such as traditional parties, and other musical or cultural events. Do you want to know the most famous events in the summer of Gran Canaria?  Don’t miss our next post then… Happy summer!

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