La Fiesta del Barrio (The Mud Festival)

La Fiesta del Barro (The Mud Festival)

Gran Canaria has always a reason to party. The good weather makes many people want to go out and enjoy this island.

Each village enjoys their own parties. That is why Gran Canaria has many different kinds of celebrations such as carnival, “romerías”, etc.

Today we would like to talk about an original festival in Santa Brígida. Santa Brígida is a municipality of Gran Canaria, it is in the northwest of the island and it has a small village named La Atalaya where they celebrate “La Fiesta del Barro”.

“La fiesta del barro” (The mud festival) is done every year to remember an ancient profession which is pottery. It was a profession only for women. Women made different types of containers made from mud like pots, bowls, etc. It was a profession and also an art because they made the containers with their hands, without wheels or moulds. After that, they placed the containers in a natural oven that the did in the caves of La Atalaya.

When the containers were done the potters sold them in different parts of the island so their containers were used in many homes.

Nowadays, in La Atalaya takes place a festival to remember their history. Many potters had to go to get the mud and they made the containers afterwards. That is the reason why the mud is the main protagonist of the festival. Lots of people walk into a place with a lot of soil and then a hose washes it all and people start to cover up with mud. The party has begun! Of course there is always music and many performances.

After that a hose washes people again with clean water to remove the remains of mud and finally there is a great snack that everyone can enjoy. It is certainly a very fun party that we recommend you to know.

Also, during the week there are also many different activities to remember the potters. They do workshops to learn how to make pottery, exhibitions, courses, etc. All these activities aim to recall the La Atalaya History in a fun way.

Do you want to go to the next mud festival? Is next 9th of july!

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